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Nels Bruseth
1926 · 1 min read

From Toll Dachib to Skabalko Pre-colonial Arlington, the junction of the rivers at Arlington, were several temporary camps. Skabalko Pre-colonial Arlington was known far and wide. Sauks Sauk-Suiattle People traveling to the Sound and back, Snohobish Snohomish people coming down the South fork, parties coming up river to dig for roots, spaykoolitz leek at Bah-quab Kent’s Prairie nearly always stopped there and camped. At Bah-quab Kent’s Prairie lived an old man and woman about 50 years ago. They seldom left their home, but kept watch over the Prairie, dug roots and gave to travelers in exchange for fish and venison.

From Bah-quab Kent’s Prairie there was a trail to Kellogg Marsh, to Quil Ceda and on to the Snohomish.

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Stories recorded by Nels Bruseth and published in 1926. Site built by Art Rosnovsky on Snohomish native land in 2020.